Aero Tech Engineers
Comfort and Industrial Airconditioning for Textile, SQC labs, CNC workshop, Hospital,
Auditorium, Hotels, Showroom etc.

Reciprocating package chiller ranges from 5 TR to 150 TR We also under take ventilation and humidification jobs.

Miracle Voltage Stabilizer


Our voltage stabilizer is equipped with TORIDAL TRANSFORMER, which is produced by latest German Technology in-house.

0.150 VA to 5 KVA
Ultra Slim
Wall Mountable Voltage Stabilizer

Experience the Difference............


*A TOROIDAL TRANSFORMER is smaller lighter and 
      thinner than ordinary one. 
* It is of less noise, least heat generation and extremely
      high efficiency. 
* Automatic electronic protection device senses high
      voltage as well as low voltage and switch off power
      supply and then restart too, when the voltage normalizes. 
* Fully solid state, circuit for correct switching and optimum
      voltage output selection. 
* It is also equipped with time delay facility to safeguard
      the compressor. 
* Minimum Electricity consumption on no load condition
      saves no electricity bills. 
* Hitech monitoring system by using latest digital technology
      for comfortable observation of  Input and Output Voltages.

 Air-conditioning System

*Microcomputer Control 
Sensor-and-timer-equipped microcomputer control ensure that automode operation supplies enough comfort with its remarkably precise and energy-efficient temperature pattern and one-touch operation. 
Microcomputer control also direct the "Awakening" function to make the room comfortable before the timer's activation. 

*Super Quite Operation
This Air conditioner creates super-quite operation by giving the indoor unit cross flow fan and increase diameter and larger special random-pitch blades to reduce fan RPM, airflow noise and high frequency sounds. 

*High-Energy Efficiency
With technological advances the cooling unit exclusive efficient louver fins and larger inner wall grooving in the copper tubing, energy efficiency is among the industry leaders. 

*Stylish Compact Design
This cooling unit  design is stylishly rounded-off and compact, so you can easily install it anywhere.

Aero Tech Engineers
Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.

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