"L & T" Contactors, Relays, Switches,  
MCCB's & ACB's
* "Salzer" Rotary Switches, PVC Channels, Clip On Terminals
"PC" make Limit switches * "Janatics" make Pneumatic Valves, Cylinders, Seal Kits, Filters, Regulators and Lubricators
"Rishabh" make Panel Meters * "Esbee" make Push Button Unit and Indication Lamps
* "GIC" make Timers * "Meher" make MPPand MD Type Capacitors
* "Electronic Automation" make Timers, Photocell Units and other Products * "Samraj" Transformers for L/R and Textool Frames
* "Magnum Controls" Proximity Switches * "Essen" micro Switches
* "Hager" / "S & S" / "Indo Kopp" / 'MDS' make MCB's, Isolators and DB's * "Bajaj" make light Fittings, Lamps etc
* "Gupta" Brand Conduit Pipe and Accessories * Copper Wires and Copper Flats
* "PLA" make Relays, Rapid Stop and Timers * "Kappa" make current Transformers
* "Finolex" Wires * "Polycab" U.G. Cables with ISI Mark
* "LR" Machines Electrical Spares * "Indfos/ Varma TRA FAG" make  
Pressure Switches 
* Other Items: Nylon Cable Ties, Cable Sockets, Crimping Tool, PVC Ferrules / Binding Straps, Cam / Rocker / Toggle / Rotary / L.T. Control / Limit / Foot Switches, HRC fuse / Slide Lock Holders, Voltmeter, Ammeter, Plug and Socket Telephone Tag Block, DZ Fuse Link, Industrial Hooters, Terminal Strips / Block, pilot Lamp Holder and 22.5 mm Push Buttons, Current Transformers, Industrial Panel locks, Clip on Terminals, Cable Glands, Thermostats and other Panel Accessories.

* Wires: PVC Flexible, Panel Wiring, Multi Core, Screened, Telephone, Jelly Filled, TRS / Silicone, Fibre Glass / Asbestos, Compensating / RTD, Welding / Aluminium, Tag Blocks, PVC Cable Channel.

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