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Crompton Fans

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Crompton Mixies

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feel the warmth with
Crompton Water Heaters

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Crompton Lighting Products

Choose from a wide array of Bulbs, Compact Flourescent Lamps, Sodium and Metal Hallide Lamps,
Domestic, Industrial, Commerical, Street Light, Flood Light, Flameproof and Garden Fittings.

We design the Lighting Layout for Projects, Factories, Institutions and Bulk Buyers on
"No charge Basis" using the latest computer aided technology

Why drink Bad Water when you can buy the best Water Purifiers
Crompton Family Gard Water Purifier
with the latest 4 stage Water Purification System.
Only  Purifier that works with or without power supply.

Free Installation for the first 100 Buyers .
We Solicit Dealership Enquiries for Water Purifiers in the Districts of
Coimbatore, Salem,  Erode, Namakkal,  Nilgiris &  Dharmapuri

for Institutions and Bulk Buyers of Crompton Consumer Products

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.