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Coimbatore Stock Exchange Limited (CSX) is housed in its own building at Trichy Road, Coimbatore with about 2 lakh sq.ft. of built up area. A landmark in Coimbatore. An imposing work of art and a remarkable structure with an aesthetic look. Totally itís a distinguished building.

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Its trading hall consists of 19000 sq.ft area. The Exchange has successfully implemented Screen Based Trading (SBT) system and commenced its operations with effect from 9th October, 1996. The system is capable of handling 25,000 trades per day. All the members of the Exchange are connected in a Local Area Network (LAN). The system can be expanded to handle upto 400 members. The SBT system has been interfaced with the existing settlement system. The margins are monitored online on the SBT system. Each member is given a computer terminal, telephone connections which are accommodated in a cubicle. The communication facilities include the terminals of Reuters and Knight Ridder constantly updating economic and capital market related news.

CSX is the youngest Stock Exchange in India. CSX was founded by K.G.Balakrishnan (founder president) and his group and is now governed by the Governing Board consisting of the member brokers.

CSX has a staff strength of 50 qualified persons to support its functions.

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