Dakshin Tanks are made out of non-toxic, non-absorbent and FDA approved grades of polyethylene material. So they do not impart any taste or odour. They maintain the purity of water stored in them for any period of time under climatic conditions.
Low cost and Durability
Dakshin Tanks costs less than M.S tanks and almost the same as R.C.C tanks. Dakshin Tanks have got infinite impact strength and are almost unbreakable. Since they are made from UV stabilised grades of polyethylene, they remain weather proof.
Easy Maintenance
Dakshin Tanks do not require painting and water proofing. It is virtually a maintenance - Free tank.
Light Weight
Dakshin Tanks are extremely light in weight and are easy to install. They are extremely tough and there is no structural change or reduction in strength even after years of use.
Leak Proof
Since Dakshin Tanks are moulded in single piece without any seam joints or welds, they are completely leak proof.
Fittings and Installations
Dakshin Tanks should be installed completely on flat and smooth surface with full bottom support. They can be provided with G.I fittings in sizes 1/2'',3/4'',1'',11/2'' and 2''. for intel, outlet overflow screw connections and float valves. They can have HDPE/Brass fittings optionally.
Ready Made
Dakshin Tanks are ready made for you in a wider range of sizes from 100 lts to 20,000 Liters.

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