Name of Doctor Dr.M.B.Pranesh
Qualification M.D., D M.
Fellowship & Membership *********
Address of Clinic / Visiting Hospitals Dr.C.V.Ramaraj Surgical Clinic, Sathyamoorthy road, Patel road,
Ramnagar, Coimbatore-9, Prof. of Neurology, K.G. hospital, Coimbatore-18
Telephone Number +91-422-230993, 212121
Consulting Hours 5.00PM to 9.00PM ( sunday holiday)
Patients can get appointment by ringing after 4.30 pm to the clinic number (except sundays) Emergency admission can be made under my care at the K.G. Hospital Phone No: 212121 - 27 at any time. The patients relative should inform the CMO or Admission Clerk at the K.G. Hospital that they would like to be admitted in Dr.Pranesh's Unit
Specialist in Neurology