The literary sources of the Tamil Sangam anthology can be  
classified into three major groups: The Puranas , Folk Songs 
and other Medieval literature. The Sangam literature is a very  
prominent source which gives many details and historical  
significance.To construct the early history of Kongu, the Tamil 
verses were very valuable source.. Ahananuru gives a clear  
picture of the minor kingdoms of Kongu and their relations withthe three major kingdoms of Tamilnadu. Besides this, other literaryworkslikePurananuru,Natrinai,Paditruppatthu give information about Kongu country. Silappadikaram and 
Manimekalai give a clear picture of the social conditions and customs of the Vettuvars, the age old aborigines of the  
Kongu country.
Epigraphy can be classified  
into three groups. Stone inscriptions, description on rocks and writings on temple walls Copper plate grants, 
issued by the rulers to donees
is also used as a tool of archeology.  
The hero stone inscriptions are available in abundunce which 
give us information about a 
ancient Kongunadu..   
The hero stone records of Irulappatti and the Srivanamangalam, copper plates of the Pandya king, Parantakan Nedunjadaiyan also reveal the fact that the Atiyas were powerful then. The records of the imperial Cholas found in the eastern parts of the Kongu country states that they were dominant in Tanjavur.There are many inscriptions of the collateral Chera rulers of Kongu scattered around the entire area of the Kongunadu even today.For fixing their chronology, these inscriptions are dependable on documents. The inscriptions reveal social, political and cultural life of the people during that period. Salem copper plates of Sripurusha and a few other plates of these rulers were very useful in reconstructing the history of medieval Kongu. Like the Rayakottai plates of Skandasishya and the recently discovered Velancheri plates of Aparajita confirmed the existence of the Kadava kingdom .



The history of Kongu was also constructed with the information collected with regard to coins of that age. Many coins were discovered in the Kongu area. The oldest among them were the punch marked coins. These coins were in prevalance during the third century, and later.. They have been discovered from Alampalayam in Dharapuram Taluk, Vakkam palayam in Pollachi Taluk and Thayirapalayam in Erode Taluk. These are referred to as Akkapon, Acchu, Pon-kanam, Ilakksu in their inscriptions. . Besides, coins of the later Cholas, Pandyas, Vijayanagara kings, Mysore rulers, the sultans and indo-europeans have also been discovered from many places in the Kongu country


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