Mission for Better Vision was set in motion on October 1993 with the dedication of ensuring perfect vision to everyone. Lotus provides quality eye care to the public with state of the art equipment & its team of ophthalmic experts.
Dr. Selva K. Sundaramurthy, Medical Director & Chief Ophthalmologist of Lotus Eye Care Hospital, is a FRCS (Edin) and FRCO (London). He is deemed a pioneer in advanced phacoemulsification, Esiris Custom LASIK & retinal diseases. Besides having extensive training in Ophthalmology, he served as a Consultant in the UK and the USA. He is keen to bring the latest technology available worldwide to benefit the common man in India.

New Hospital
Lotus Eye Care Hospital - a hi-tech speciality eye hospital was inaugurated by His Excellency Shri. P. S. Ramamohan Rao, the Governor of Tamil Nadu in May 2002. The 69-bedded centrally air-conditioned modern eye hospital has all the ophthalmic subspeciality units, with a special focus on cornea, glaucoma and retinal diseases. The hospital also provides free service for economically poor patients. Services of Lotus Eye Care Hospital are available at both the centres.
R.S. Puram
Lotus Eye Care Hospital
No: 18-19, Cowley Brown Road,
R.S. Puram,
Coimbatore - 641 002
Phone: 0422 - 2552161, 2552811
Lotus Eye Care Hospital
Civil Aerodrome Post, Avinashi Road, (NH 47)
Coimbatore - 641 014
Phone: 0422 - 2626464, 2625102-107
Fax: 0422- 2627193 Website: www.lotuseye.org Email: lotuseye@eth.net

Chief Ophthalmologist

Dr. Selva K. Sundaramurthy M.S., F.R.C.S.(EDIN), FRCO. (London)

Consultant Ophthalmologists

Dr. T. Lekha, M.B.,B.S., D.N.B.
Dr. A. Senthil Kumar, M.B.,B.S., D.O.
Dr. Sony George M.B.,B.S., M.S. 
Dr. Kala B. Thottam M.B.,B.S., M.S. 
Dr. R.J. Madhusudan M.B.,B.S., D.O. 
Dr.Jacob.S.Mathew M.B.,B.S., M.S.
Dr. Noela Prasad M.B.,B.S., D.O.
Dr. Usha Raghunathan M.B.,B.S., D.O.
Dr. Vijayakumar M.B.,B.S., M.S., M.C.H. 
Dr. Sekar Michael M.D., D.A., Dip N.B. 
Dr. D. Dhanapal B.Sc., M.B.,B.S., D.A.

Esiris Custom Lasik - For Refractive Errors
India's First Esiris Custom Lasik

The most exciting and recent development in Lasik is the Esiris Custom Lasik, which takes into account the optical imperfections of each individual eye, and corrects the refractive error accordingly. 
Schwind Eye Tech Solutions is the leader in Excimer laser technology. Esiris Custom Lasik is the latest and most advanced German technology. Prestigious hospitals and lasik centers the world over have installed Esiris Custom lasik for wave front guided lasik. The following are the equipment:
1. Schwind Esiris - professional scanning spot laser 
2. Wave front ORK aberrometry 
3. Hi-tech Scout Corneal Topography 
4. ORK Link 
5. Microkeratome - Bausch & Lomb Hansatome 

Esiris Custom Lasik For Eagle Vision

Esiris custom LASIK is the latest and most innovative German technology presently on the market, which offers revolutionary customized treatment possibilities in refractive surgery such as the correction of aberrations up to a theoretical visual acuity of 6/3. Esiris custom LASIK is high precision laser and has the advantage to translate the most modern wave front analyzing technology into perfect results. Good clinical results have been proved by International experts with regard to optimal correction of refractive errors of the eye. Evaluation and Treatment are according to the guidelines laid out by the Government of India.

Cataract - Phacoemulsification

First time in Coimbatore

Cataract is a common ailment. Lotus was the first eye hospital to introduce Phaco in this region to cure cataract blindness. For the first time in Coimbatore Lotus introduced "Legacy20000" the most advanced Phaco equipment from America, to remove cataract safely, both in old people and young children. Foldable or Non-foldable intraocular lens implantation is done routinely.


Diabetic Eye Diseases
Diabetic blindness is on the increase with an increase in diabetics among the middle- aged population. Lotus performs Indirect Ophthalmoscopic examination, Fundus Fluorescein Angiogram and Laser treatment for diabetic eye diseases. Early detection & treatment can help to retain good eyesight. In advanced cases, with severe bleed into the eye, Pars-plana vitrectomy and endo-laser is performed.

Vitreo- Retinal Diseases
Lotus has a fully equipped Vitreo Retinal Unit, with Ultra Sound Scans, Laser treatment and hi-tech Vitrectomy equipment to perform Vitreo Retinal Surgeries.

The speciality department deals with the diagnosis and long-term follow-up and management of this common and often overlooked, but sight-threatening disease. The expertise available is on par with the best centers the world over.

Paediatric Ophthalmology
Lotus has the facility to diagnose & treat Congenital Cataract, Congenital Glaucoma, Refractive Errors & Squint.

Oculoplasty & Orbital Diseases
Problems of the eyelid and surrounding bony cavity ( orbit) like Ptosis, Lacrimal Passage Diseases, Orbital Fractures, Tumors & Prosthetic Implants, are also managed here.

Research Activities
Clinical research for Cataract, Diabetic Retinopathy is being carried out at Lotus.

Teaching & Training
Lotus trains young ophthalmologists in General Ophthalmology &  Phacoemulsification with I.O.L, Lasik, and Vitreo-retinal disorders.

19, Cowley Brown Road, RS Puram, Coimbatore - 641 002.
Phone : +91-422-2552 161, 2552 811, 2541 431, Fax : +91-422-2627193.
E-Mail : lotuseye@eth.net, Website : www.lotuseye.org

Avinashi Road (NH 47), Civil Aerodrome Post, Peelamedu, Coimbatore - 641 014.
Phone : +91-422-2626 464, 2625102-107  Fax : +91-422-2627193.
E-Mail : lotuseye@eth.net, Website : www.lotuseye.org