The engine unit contains the ACTUATOR where the LPG enters and undergoes pressure reduction and goes to the air / fuel mixer,which is located on the Carburetor of the engine for optimum performance.  Based on the International safety standard, the Actuator has been designed to function only when the engine is on, when the engine is off, LPG will not pass through the actuator.
The design of the Actuator,  Oil Pump and other Kit components are tested in various types of vehicles on worst road conditions and has proved excellent performance. The System is designed in such a way that LPG comes out of the CYLINDER by means of the ADAPTOR and goes to the engine compartment regulated by the ACTUATOR through pipe on which there is a control valve the allows that gas to pass through only with the engine running and switch on the gas position.
The System has fool proof mechanism in respect of safely while running and on stationery condition.  All the components to the kit system are manufactured to suit Indian and International conditions.  Certification from various certifying International. Agencies is in progress.
The specially designed oil pump consists of flow regulator and ON/OFF switch.  Similar to the Actuator, the pump will function only when the engine is on.  The system has the provision to regulate the supply of oil to suit the speed of the engine and requirement of oil for optimum performance of the engine.  Oil pump is shaft-driven and is to be connected to the fan casing of the engine.  Instead of a oil sump, separate oil take is provided for the supply of the engine.  The regulator arrangement with the oil tank will regulate the maximum oil flow to the engine. Product and the components are patented. Improvement in Quality, Reliability and Safety warrant specification changes with out notice
Cylinder with Adapter
Cylinder stand and Cylinder holder
Oil pumps with Housing 
Oil tank
Gas intake hoses with fittings
Gas output hoses with fittings
Vaccum hose with fittings
Electronic control valves
Bolts, nuts and other fasteners
. Micro Vacc - Switch
Gas / Petrol selector switch

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