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Paving Stone
New Look With Old World Charm
The Romans had a great idea... and a simple one at that. A well compacted sub base of limestone or line and gravel, covered with tight fitting cut stone for a wearing surface. It was an excellent and economical travelway. And some are still in use. We call it the Romans Road. Today, paving stone is taking the American scene by strom! Europeans have used them for years for an infinite variety of applications... sidewalks, parking lots, pedestrian crosswalks, driveways, bicycle paths, patios, swimming pool decks, shopping malls, embankment walls, slope paving, industrial floors, loading docks and more.
Product Technical Details 
Light And Medium Duty
Shape of Block Uniregular/Unidecor/Brick Paver
Compressive Strength  200 Kgs./Centimeter2
Dimensions (actual size) 225 x 112.5 x  60 mm - Uniregular 137 x 87 x 60 mm Unidecor 200 x 100 x 60 mm - Brick Paver
Tolerence + or - 3 mm
Weight of block 3.2 Kgs. (approx)
No.of Blocks per Sft 3.70 Blocks (approx) Uniregular/Unidecor 4.70 Blocks (approx) (Brick Paver)
Surface Texture Smooth or rough with chamfered edge all around.
Colour Grey, teracota, Red, Yellow, Black and an request any other colour.
Laying Specifications Interlocking Blocks are laid on wet compacted or repared ground. Natural
sand of 50 mm thick is spread and screened to the required level. The blocks will be laid on this sand bed and compacted by vibarting plate compactor.





Laying Pavement:

Laying interlocking block requires very little ground preparation.
The edge restraint is the only critical element.
1. Ensure the sub-base/ground area is well compacted and proper edge restraint is provided.
2. Spread natural sand on thecompacted area on an average of 50 mm thick. Compact the sand and screed with the straight edged board.
3. Commence block laying from one end and ensure that each block is laid as close as possible.
4. Use the block splitter and cut the block to the size and shape to match the edge restraint.
5. Compact the laid surface area by a plate vibrator to have a uniform surface.

6. Spread fine sand on the top of compacted area and compact again as dry sand over the surface to fill all the joints thoroughly.
7. To finish, brush off excess sand on the top surface. The area now is ready for use. 
Beauty that's forever lasting : Pavers India blocks are available in a range of shapes and patterns designed to make your driveways, pathways or pavements a designer master piece.

Unlimitted Applications : From Zebra crossing on roads, driveways, parking lots, pathways, loading docks, gardens, public places, railway platforms patios,plazas,terraces to pavements, the applications and applications bring out the creativity of any artist and touch a chord in even a lay man's heart.

Designed to take the touch with the soft : These blocks that can be used light and heavy applications as the inter locking blocks spread the load over a wide area to with stand heavy impacts.

Designed to take the touch with the soft : Unbelievable but true! These blocks have much more than meets the eye. They can be laid out in a few hours and can be used immediately. It drastically reduces the time spent on laying a road unlike that of concrete where it to be cured and set before it is ready of use.

Get more than what you bargained for : When you switch over to Pavers India blocks you can be sure of getting more value for your money. Made from modern technology these blocks are elegant and long lasting with zero maintainance. In the long run your roads will be just as new and bright as they were, when laid. With minimal cost when compared to concrete than what you bargained for.

Major Works Carried Out By Us In Various Cities
With Leading Construction Groups
1. L & T Andhra Pradesh Cement Plant, Thadapatri.
    Architect : M/s. C.R. Narayanarao.
 2. HI - TEC CITY CYBER TOWER, Hyderabad.
 4. SUNDARAM MOTORS,  Mount Road, Chennai.
 5. L & T HEAD QUARTERS, Chennai.
 6.PPN POWER PROJECT, Thirukkadaiyur.
 7.HYUNDAI Car Factory, Irunkattukottai, Sriperumbudur.
    Architect : M/s. C.R. Narayanarao.
 8. MRF FACTORY, Kottayam.
Gajashree Shringaar
concepts in glass
Coimbatore, India

Stained and Etched Glass 
 Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.