Man has been dependent on Mother Nature from the very beginning of creation. He has been granted a great deal to relish, but he has been demanding and appropriating more and more from nature. Timber or wood has been one of the prime resources that have ceaselessly captivated man like a magnet. However, there have been substitutes and equivalents for wood for miscellaneous uses, wood remains to be a bone of content. As in many aspects in the civilised world, there is a division in this also between the affluent and the not so affluent. While the economically developed countries have detected and synthesised manifold materials to replace wood, the developing and the under-developed countries are still very much dependent on wood. So much so, around 80% of the agrarian populace of India still exploit wood as their basic source of fuel.
The Objective
Plywood is a direct produce of timber that has been in use for many decades now. Today, there is a school of thought that as it has absolute impact on the environment, it should be banned. The current Central Government of India Order has ordained that plywood should not be used for construction projects by specific public sector organisations. While this happens to be true to a certain extent, there is another school of thought that the harm wrought by the plywood industry is only trivial or insignificant. They argue that afforestation and tree improvement programmes stabilise the ravage to an enormous extent and the aftermath is kept to the minimum.
On the third facade, there are many other industries that are employed in manufacturing alternate products like MDF (Medium Density Fibre), particleboard, etc. These industries are able to use any wood (e.g. eucalyptus, casuarina) and agro waste like bagasse, rice straw, etc., as their raw material. Therefore, they contend that the impairment to forests and wood is isolated. They go to the extent to say that these products will inevitably, but positively, replace plywood entirely.
The Event
We, at Third Eye Visuals, would like to place these topics before the society for explanation and deliberation. Consequently, we have intended to moderate a seminar titled "Plywood 2000" which is to come about in Ooty on July 31st and August 1st 1999.

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