The Past
The attempt to produce alternative products for plywood is not a fresh evolution. In fact, approximately 30 years ago, the particleboard concept has taken root in India. The objective was to find out a viable alternative that would be economical to produce as well as not dependent on expensive raw materials, especially wood.
The Present
The particleboard and other comparable products are today available in the market under numerous nomenclature and types. The most popular are Particleboard, Block board, Pre-laminated Particleboard, Medium Density Fibre board (MDF), etc. The fundamental advantages of these products are that the raw materials are not only inexpensive but easily obtainable also. Though the primary expenditure is costly, the cost of production is competitive and they are eco-friendly, as they are not absolutely dependent on wood.
The Future
The basic fact that these products can be made from agricultural waste like rice straw, bagasse, any type of wood like eucalyptus, etc., promises them a  bright future. It is an authenticated fact that, in future, products that are made from eco-friendly raw materials will only be able to succeed in the marketplace. By the year 2000, the International Agreement on Environment has ordained that all pollution creating and nature destroying products and production methods will have to be completely eliminated. Consequently, though it is going to take time, it is certain that these alternate products will eventually and ultimately substitute plywood and other wood based products in the civilized world.

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