There are a few institutions that are pursuing research in wood in general, forest and its products and plywood. We have presented details and some information that we have collected from them for the sake of this seminar.
There is one institute specifically engaged in plywood research. The Indian Plywood Industries Research & Training Institute (IPIRTI) is established in Bangalorein Karnataka Statein South India. In this institute, they research into all the physical and chemical aspects of plywood and put forth their research conclusions, reports and recommendations. According to this institute, plywood manufacturing does not face any uncertainty, particularly on the environmental front.
Another institution, also situated in Bangalore, is the Institute of Wood Science & Technology. In this institute, they research into all the aspects of wood in general. They characteristically concentrate their research on the depletion of forest produce, notably wood. They observe the magnitude of destruction of wood and indicate procedures and methods of compensating the damage. The distinct solutions they propose comprise of periodic plantation and tree improvement programmes. According to them, though the depletion of forest wealth is extremely serious, the destruction can be minimised by adopting the corrective action.
The Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding, set up in Coimbatore, in Tamilnadu State, concentrates on research into the diverse specimens of trees, techniques of improving their life span, aftereffects of physical and man made disturbances, developing the quality of trees, finding out the compatibility of growing trees in exotic ambience, etc. Hence, the findings and information base unveiled by the scientists in this institution will be remarkably helpful to the plywood industry, especially for the manufacturing units.

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