A Surprise Offer - RTO North, Coimbatore

Coimbatore, June 27 : It may seem as the most unbelievable gesture by the regional transport office in Coimbatore. Given the auto rickshaw fare problem and the lack of response from the transport authorities, the RTO's offer to refund the charge collected in excess at the pre-paid booth in the railway junction was the Mother of all Surprises.

Early this month, Mr.Unnikrishnan, a station master in Shoranur Railway Station (Kerala), had engaged a pre-paid auto at the Coimbatore junction to reach the Kovai Medical Center and Hospital, where his mother was under going treatment. He was charged more than the fixed pre-paid rate.

Mr.Unnikrishnan had sent a complaint to the RTO(North). Some days later, he got a reply from the RTO North, Mr.Gunashekaran, that following an inquiry and questioning of the pre-paid booth worker, the RTO found that Rs.35/- had been charged extra and that it would be refunded. The letter asked Mr.Unnikrishnan to collect the refund from the RTO's office, in person, whenever possible. The letter also sought his suggestions for improving services at the pre-paid booth.

When an official could respond promptly to a complaint and even refund excess charge, one wondered what prevented the authorities concerned to put an end to the fleecing by the automen.

Source: The Hindu dated 27 June.

Kudos to RTO North, Coimbatore, Mr.Gunashekaran.- Keep it Up!