An Effective Stammering Self Therapy Program to a Life of Power

The Science of Speaking Fluent

Myths about Stammering

Expert help from an International Speech Coach

Stuttering or stammering has been around for centuries. Famous and notable Stammerers in the world include Winston Churchill, Moses, Aristotle, Napoleon and even Marilyn Monroe. These people successfully turned their speech impediment into their biggest asset.

Stammering is a speech disorder and not a disease, associated with nerves, anxiety, fear of meeting new people and other emotional situations; these freighted moments really tend to be caused by the stammer itself. Symptoms of stammering can vary significantly throughout a person’s day. In general, speaking before a group or talking on the telephone may make a person’s stammering more severe, while singing, reading, or speaking in unison may temporarily reduce stuttering

The Science of Speaking Fluent is a distant mode in-house stammering treatment self therapy program, without the need of medication, devises or any other methods. This is an economic, unique, miraculous and distinctive stammering treatment program which suits all your speech disorders from mild to severe. You can enjoy the benefit of comfort learning 24x7 at your own convenient place with no time bound hurdles. What we are going to give you is not only mere fluency techniques but mental exercises to get complete liberation from the burden of stammering. This is not about speech therapy, stammering cure, stammering control or overcome stammering, but entirely replacing your defective style of speaking with a superb style of speaking. The success rate is 99%.

The Stammering Self Therapy Program is Your Key to Real Fluent and Confident

  • The Science of Fluency
  • A Single 6–step System for Achieving Fluency, Smoothness, Confident and Courage
  • How to be an Effective Communicator even if you have Severe Stammering
  • How to Completely Eliminate Fear, Anxiety and Stress from your Life Easily
  • The Most Important Attitude that you must Adopt
  • Techniques to Eliminate Bad Habits with Good Habits
  • The Absolute Best Way to a Life of Power

The Journey of Sri Amman Institute for Stammering

Sri Amman Institute for Stammering, India, headed by an International Speech Coach & Motivational Trainer, started its journey in November 2008 with an aim to provide an effective stammering treatment program that helps people who stammer to speak superb.

At stammering institute, we train the members through the science of fluency to get total relief from the burden of stammering by their own. The techniques are highly effective, the result will be strong and stable for life, stammering will not occur again.

Learning the fluency techniques in a right way is always important to get rid of stammering successfully. We assure that once you complete our curriculum well, you will be what you wanted to be.

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We know how painful it is to go through life stammering
We honesty want to help you reach a life where your day is stammer free
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