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Arulmigu Alagunachiamman Koil
It is located at Pollachi. It was built by group of people who were living in Valliarachal (80 km from Pollachi). Formation of this temple is due to the theft of statue of their family God (Arulmigu Alagunachiamman) on the river side of Pollachi. So they selected a brick, placed it in the same place and built a small temple. Now this temple was rebuilt in the year 2002.

Arulmigu Sulakkal Mariamman Thirukoil
This temple is located on Coimbatore - Pollachi road, 32 kms from Ukkadam. ‘Sulakkal’ was near the dense forest.

Sulakkal Amman

The inhabitants of Sulakkal and other villages nearby usually send their domestic animals to the forest for their feed. One villager’s cow alone was not yielding milk all of a sudden. On suspicion, one day he followed his cow to the forest. He noticed that his cow was shedding milk on the Sand-Hill. When he approached the cow it started running and got its feet hit by the Sand-Hill. Much to his surprise he saw blood oozing out from the Sand-Hill. On the very same day Goddess appeared in his dream and asked him to raise a temple known as Arulmigu Sulakkal Mariamman temple.

Dharsana Timings:
On Tuesdays & Fridays : 6:00 am to 8:00 pm
On all other weekdays: 6:00 am to 1:00 pm & 3:00pm to 8:00 pm

Arulmigu Shree Velayudhaswamy Thirukoil - Senjarimalai
This temple was originally built by ‘Karikala Chola’ and renovated by Veerapallalai III dates back to 13th century. A holy spring called ‘Gnanatheertha Sunai’ and a sacred tree known as ‘Karunochi’ can be seen. Here, Lord Muruga came to be worshipped as Manthragiri and Shree Velayudhaswamy.

Arulmigu Maghudeeswaran Temple
Around 1200 years ago, temple for Lord Shiva has been raised here. It is located 18 km away from Pollachi near Ramanamuthalipudur village on the way between Annamalai and Sungam road. Ruined temple and its pillars are undergoing reconstruction. Temple is surrounded by its green valleys and river makes the place more beautiful.