Citizen's Charter

     We are immensely pleased and happy in presenting this " Citizen Charter " of  Transport Department with an
aim that the Services and Functions of the Department should reach and benefit to the level of an ordinary citizen.

                          Our motto is " Work is Worship ", " Skill is Will " and " Serve to our Nation "

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Driving Licence Conductor's Licence Registration
. . .
Learner's Driving Licence Conductor's Licence Temporary Registration
Driving Licence Renewal of Conductor's
Registration of Motor Vehicle
Endorsement in Driving
Licence to drive any
other class of vehicle
Duplicate Conductor's
Change of Address in Registration
Public Service Badge Change of Address in
Conductor's Licence
Duplicate Registration Certificate
Endorsement to drive
Hazardous goods vehicle
Endorsing Hire - Purchase Agreement
International Driving
Licence permit
Hire - Purchase Termination
Renewal of Driving
Renewal of Registration
Duplicate Driving Licence Transfer of Ownership of the
Change of Address in 
Driving Licence
Re-registration of Vehicle
Fitness Certificate for Transport
Temporary Fitness Certificate
Permission to get the FC in other
RTO's jurisdiction
Revocation of CFX
No Objection Certificate
Advance Registration Number
Alteration of Vehicle

. . .
(A) Contract Carriage Permit (B) Goods Carriage Permit (F)  E.V. Permit
Autorickshaw Goods Carriage Permit (G) Temporary Permit
Motor Cab (TAXI) National Permit (H) Surrender of Permit
Tourist Motor Cab (T.Taxi) (C) Stage Carriage Permit
Maxi Cab State Carriage Permit
Omni-Bus Contract Carriage (D) Private Service Vehicle Permit
Omni-Bus Contract Carriage
State vide endorsement
Private Service vehicle permit
All India Tourist Motor Cab
(E) Educational Institution Bus Permit
All India Tourist Vehicle
Educational Institution Bus Permit